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Buy Zynga Poker Chips - About Us

Welcome! We are a group of fun loving gamers who have been in the business of buying and selling Zynga poker chips since year 2009.

Up till now, we have successfully delivered tens of thousands of orders for Zynga poker chips, and in the process, acquired thousands of satisfied customers, many of them becoming our very close friends.

We are extremely proud when we say this –> We are the Number One trusted re-seller of Zynga poker chips worldwide.

The question we get asked the most is, how do we get so many Zynga poker chips for facebook? The answer is well, we bought them from our suppliers located all over the world. And at times, we played for them.

The next question will then be, how do our suppliers get so many Zynga poker chips for facebook? Hahah. Well simple, they all played for it. =)

Over the years in this business, we got to know many suppliers around the world who play Zynga Poker on Facebook. We have developed a special bond with these suppliers who offer us the best prices due to our honest and sincere approach in this business.

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Our team of dedicated colleagues trawl the web daily to check out our competitors’ prices on a daily basis. This is so we can offer you the cheapest and lowest prices for your Zynga poker chips.

Our Lowest Prices Guarantee – If you can find a cheaper price, we will match or beat it!

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If you have any questions regarding purchase of Zynga poker chips, please do not hesitate to contact us on our LIVE CHAT. Our friendly and professional staff will most happy to help. Yes, talk to us LIVE! =)