User Safety

Please take some time to go through our User Safety Policy.

Disclaimer about Potential Risk on Purchase

We are not associated or affiliated with any of the websites / brands mentioned on this website. Purchase of goods and services from this website may infringe a third party’s rights and raises probability of your playing account suspended, including total or partial loss of your account contents.

While we spare no efforts in taking extra precaution during delivery of your order to avoid possible suspension of your playing account, we will not be held responsible for any loss of your order AFTER it has been delivered to you. Please do not make any purchases from this website if you do not agree with the above.

Order Delivery

After you have completed a successful purchase for Facebook Poker Chips on our website, please contact our LIVE CHAT for order delivery as these purchases WILL NOT be automatically credited to your account. We will “lose” the order to you by playing a few hands in game.

Fraudulent Purchases

We take frauds very seriously. Every fraudulent payments and attempts are logged and will be reported to the IC3 Internet Fraud Division of the FBI, along with any other personal information we have collected including your contact details, chat logs, IP addresses and etc.

Buy Facebook Poker Chips - Fraud

As part of our security measure to prevent fraudulent transactions, we have in place a strict verification procedure.

After your payment is processed, we reserve the right to request a Photo ID verification before we proceed to deliver your order. This can be an image of your passport, driver’s license, or any other government issued identity document.

For subsequent / bigger quantity orders, we also reserve the right to request further verification in the form of an image of your utility bill, credit card bill, or any other official forms of documentation displaying your name and address.

In addition to the above, we reserve the right to enforce a phone verification to your home landline for every purchase.

We reserve the right to reject and refund all your payments if we are not able to receive a proper identification as stated above.

All details provided will be kept strictly private and in the strictest of confidence.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any business with any individual for whatever reasons we deemed fit, either before or after you sent us an ID verification.